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GOOGLE BOOKS: Google Books Search and its Critics
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The Googlization of Everything by Siva Vaidhyanathan
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Text Mining
Joyce Ulysses ACTIVE LINK
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in Danube Basin

Peter in Lokken, Jutland, in July 2009; they still call it summer. Too cold to swim, and much too much wind for a butterfly kite. Fantastic clouds, many kinds of rain, many kinds of fresh fish. TWITTERINGS WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE:
About the Google - Authors - Publishers Settlement Ruling,
March 2011

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The reflection of the sun in the canal Singel from the golden weathercock atop one of the towers of Amsterdam's gothic church De Krijtberg (meaning Chalk Mountain) - official name Franciscus Xaveriuskerk - Click Here - amazing
All you ever wanted to know about copyright, but were afraid to ask and too busy to find out. -coming soon-

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