WinCALIS Demonstration

For a Web browser preview of selected screens of the demo exercise within the downloadable WinCALIS module, click here.

For a self-extracting archive which contains a tryout version of the basic WinCALIS learning system, a demo exercise which describes the basic features of the program, and a number of other sample exercises in a wide variety of languages, click to download:

  1. Create a temporary directory and move the file demcalis.exe into it.
  2. Extract the archive by double-clicking on the name of the archive "demcalis.exe" in your Windows Explorer or My Computer. Or you can type "demcalis" in your Start, Run dialog box. You may extract the files into the same temporary directory which contains the archive.
  3. If the Setup program does not launch automatically, you can launch it manually as follows: in the the Windows Start menu, click on "Run" and type "setup" (browsing to or indicating the path to your temporary installation subdirectory.) You will then have a chance to select the directory in which to install your demo copy of WinCALIS.
  4. After the installation, the setup files in the temporary directory can be deleted.

To run this demo, click on the icon created by the install program. A box containing a list of sample exercises will appear. Click on any exercise that interests you, then click on the "Run" button.

NOTE: If you are interested in creating your own exercises, you are invited, as an alternative to the above download, to consider downloading an evaluation version of the full WinCALIS Author Workstation v.2.5. Although it is a somewhat larger download, it also includes the WinCALIS Author program.

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