UniEdit Dynamic Link Library (DLL)


Integrate the Unicode-compliant multilingual text editor UniEdit as a dynamic link library, using your program as the calling, host application. UniEdit (also available as a stand-alone editor for Windows) offers an input method editor, font and character mapping, virtual keyboards, and specialized language controls and features for nearly every language of the world. You could use UniEdit DLL for translating the user strings in your own program for localized versions, or empowering your program and its users with multilingual input capabilities.

The UniEdit DLL can be linked into application written in C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, or Delphi, among other development environments. Sample calling applications are included for C/C++ and Visual Basic.

UniEdit DLL Documentation


UniEdit DLL Specifications

UniEdit DLL is programmatically capable of:

UniEdit DLL also provides consideration and specifications for:

Sample calling application procedures and interaction with UniEdit DLL:

Request creation of UniEdit control instance

à Create and realize an instance; UniEdit control will not accept focus until a language is set.

Set the language for this instance

à Establish keyboard mapping, semantic routines, and display for this instance.

Load Unicode string from disk or database and pass to UniEdit instance

à Load the Unicode text into the editing/display buffer for this instance

Calling application waits for next standard control event

UniEdit manages operator input, text display, keyboard layout display etc. while UniEdit instance has focus.

Request a copy of the current Unicode text in the UniEdit buffers. Write out the Unicode text to the disk or database.

à Provide a copy of the Unicode text as it currently exists in the editing buffer of the requested UniEdit instance


Corporate: $1995.

Academic: $995.

(provides you a license for the integration of, and unlimited distribution of, the UniEdit DLL with your host application. See documentation for copyright and confidentiality issues)

See also the complete WinCALIS/UniEdit Order Form.

UniEdit is now available in both a 16-bit version for Windows 3.1 and a 32-bit version for Windows 9x/NT/2K, and plans for an OCX are under consideration. The UniEdit package includes both the 16 and 32-bit version and components (which may be specially customized by language, according to your specifications), as well as documentation and technical support.

Free Download

You can download a self-extracting executable archive which includes a trial version of the UniEdit DLL, API documentation, and sample calling applications written in C, C++/MFC, and Visual Basic, together with their source code, here (10MB)

Contact us at the Humanities Computing Laboratory for more information, to receive a CD with the trial version of the DLL with sample calling applications in both C/C++ and Visual Basic, fonts, and sample texts, or to order the UniEdit DLL.

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