Video Digitization


The Humanities Computing Laboratory provides the service of converting analog video or audio material into electronic format. From the academic researcher interested in cataloging data, to the high-tech web designer pursuing a multimedia-enhanced web site, we will assist you with your needs.

Our equipment for video digitization includes several Pentium II Workstations, digitizing boards, and editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Input sources may be VHS videotape, laserdisc, or any source of audio material. The resulting files can be returned to you through the Internet, on 3.5" disk(s), or can be pressed onto a one-off CD-R (fees noted separately).

Rental rates are by the minute or hour, with free initial computer/application orientation and assistance. You are also welcome to use this computer to give applications a trial run, to test those applications or pieces of equipment that you are considering purchasing.

Self Service, per minute*$.15
Self Service, per hour*$9.00
Full Service, per hour*$50.00

* Minimum Charge $5.00

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