Map and Directions to the Humanities Computing Laboratory

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The Humanities Computing Laboratory is located on the 4th floor of the Self-Help Building at 301 W. Main St. in downtown Durham, less than a mile from the East Campus gate.

On foot, by bicycle, or by scooter from Duke East Campus

Head east (toward Brightleaf Square and downtown Durham) along Main St. from East Campus. We are in the large red-brick building you see straight ahead of you. Pass Brightleaf Square and the Liggett & Myers Factory, cross the "Five Points" intersection, and continue on Main St. through the little mall past the SOUTHBank building on the left and the Book Exchange bookstore on the right. Proceed half a block further to the Self-Help Building at 301 West Main St., enter, and take the elevator to the 4th floor. Our office is straight ahead.

By car from the Duke campus

Drive east on Main St. from East Campus past Brightleaf Square. We are in the large red-brick building straight ahead of you. There is free half-hour street parking right in front of the building and on adjacent streets (also some free 2-hour parking next to the Book Exchange and the Arts Council) and longer-term parking ($0.50/hour) in the Corcoran St. Municipal Parking Lot/Garage right behind the building.

When you come to the sign just before "Five Points" saying "Downtown Loop" (Great Jones St. -->Ramseur St.), turn right, and follow the loop 100 meters until the Corcoran St. parking lot/garage appears on your left. To park here, enter the lot at the entrance on Ramseur St., or turn left at Corcoran St. and enter the parking garage at the entrance on Corcoran St. From either the open parking lot or the enclosed garage, proceed through the passageway/mall around to the front entrance of the Self-Help Building. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. We are in the office straight ahead.

To park on Main St. or other on-street location, continue up Corcoran, then turn left on Main St. Park anywhere. Proceed half a block until you see the entrance to the Self-Help Building on the left.

By bus from Duke West Campus

Take the DATA Route 6 bus from the main West Campus quad bus stop or the DATA Route 11 bus from Erwin Road in front of Duke Hospital North or the TTA Red Line from Duke Hospital South to the downtown Five Points terminal. Walk about one block east from there to our office (See walking directions above.) Buses run every half hour and travel time is less than 15 minutes. As of September 2000, DATA fare was $.75, exact change, or you can buy a book of 20 tickets for $14.00 at the downtown terminal; TTA fare was $1.00, exact change. Call DATA (Durham Area Transit Authority) at 683-DATA for current schedules and fares. CALL TTA (Triangle Transit Authority) at 549-9999 for current schedules and fares.

You may also wish to try Yahoo's City Map or pull out a road map of your own.

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