A Bright Idea!WinCALIS is a language teaching tool. Language is a method of communication. The Internet is a mode of communication more powerful and faster than any known before. Why not combine a powerful teacher of communication skills with a powerful means of communication? We asked 'Why Not?' And we answered with WinCALIS on the Internet! See how language instruction is being brought into the 21st century!

Don't Believe it? See for youself!

  </COMMENT> WebCALIS requires Java(tm) and JDK 1.2 support.

If you have trouble with the current version above, click here for an older version (1.28) which is more limited but safer (still requires a 4.0+ browser). If that doesn't work, try the much older text only version You may have to exit and restart your browser to do this successfully.

Descriptions of some of the sample WebCALIS exercises

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The Future of WinCALIS on the Internet

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