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Below are descriptions for a few sample WebCALIS lessons. Click on any lesson title to view its CALIScript "source code." You can safely imitate any of these lessons in writing your own lessons, using the same CALIScript commands and statement structure.

You can run any of these exercises by selecting them from the dropdown box under the WebCALIS file menu. Or if you do not see the URL there, you can also note its URL (Internet path and filename, including the protocol header "http://") here--highlight it and copy it to your clipboard if you like-- then go back to the main WebCALIS and click on the "Start" icon, if necessary, to return to WebCALIS or launch WebCALIS, and type or paste the URL of the exercise you want in the WebCALIS File menu "Open Network File..." line.


An Armenian Poem
Tiny test of Armenian fonts. (http://www.humancomp.org/ftp/exercises/armenian.cal).


Danish Antonyms
Danish flashcard lesson testing your short-term memory for six pairs of common antonyms. Give up as often as you like! (http://www.humancomp.org/ftp/exercises/dananton.cal).


De bloedsomloop
Languages Across the Curriculum! Learn some biology in Dutch (multiple choice). (http://www.humancomp.org/ftp/exercises/bf01pnsn.cal).


The Cocktail Party
English lesson dealing with a conversation at a cocktail party: short answer.


Letter from Babette
French lesson involving elementary reading comprehension of Babette's letter. True/False.
In A French Bar
French lesson about the cost of menu items in a cafe. Short answer.


German word game (short answer).
German scanning and comprehension exercise (short answer).


What Are The People in the Pictures Doing?
Practice with the present continuous aspect (-TE form of verbs). (http://www.humancomp.org/ftp/exercises/doingitj.cal).


Korean Postpositions
Look at pictures and describe spacial relations (Practice with postpositions). (http://www.humancomp.org/ftp/exercises/korpost7.cal).


Malay numbers
Practice with Malay/Indonesian Numbers (short answer).


Spanish Verbs
Spanish lesson dealing with verb conjugations: fill in the blanks.
Suffix -acion
Spanish drill-and-practice lesson dealing with the transformation of nouns to their verb equivalent: fill in the blanks.(http://www.humancomp.org/ftp/exercises/sufacion.cal).


Swahili Names
Fill-in-the-blanks lesson introducing some Swahili conventions for given names.
A Simple Swahili Dialog
Short answer, based on a simple dialog, practicing daily-life greetings.

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