WinCALIS Summer Seminar Info

The WinCALIS Summer Seminars offer a two-week opportunity to explore and master the WinCALIS authoring environment. Each week offers instruction in WinCALIS authoring at a different level of proficiency:

These sessions not only provide a chance to dramatically increase any foreign language instructor's effectiveness, but also allow the creators of the WinCALIS language learning and authoring system to interact with users and gain insight on how to make WinCALIS even better.

For more information, please view the Summer Seminar Introduction. To register for the Summer Seminar, please print out the Registration Form and mail or fax it to the address below.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Richard Kunst at or at the address below.

 For a more detailed idea of what a Summer Seminar is like, please view the sample Summer Seminar schedule. Note that the 3-week curriculum of the past few years has been compressed and abridged a little bit into two weeks.

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